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Give Yourself a Holiday Gift of Self-Acceptance

As we head towards the holiday season, what are you preparing for? Happy gatherings with friends and family? Bright decorations hanging on the trees, walls and windows? Delicious kitchen aromas wafting by from roasts, sauces and pies? There is charm in all of this and special moments to cherish.

Many of us look back on such things with love and kindness. We experience a longing for the family/tribe we belonged to when we entered this world, the family who cared for us and took us in. Are you, too, expecting love and warmth from those around you this season?

Or, perhaps you are anticipating some conflicts—the kind that only a family can deliver. Such as the advice and help they genuinely offer, but that only trip our triggers of insecurity and imperfection. What about the awkwardness that comes with comments from our own dear ones: “Looks like you’ve added a few pounds!” or, “Are you still out of a job?”

I often hear from clients that they hate the holidays. I hear, “I wish there weren’t so many holiday gatherings, one right after another.” Sometimes my clients adopt the avoidance approach and they just don’t show up.

There’s also anxiety for those who do decide to indulge. Hosts wonder what to prepare and how to arrange; visitors struggle with what to wear and what to bring. The expectations can be significant.

So what to do with all this emotional turmoil? After the boiling does it comes down to self-acceptance?

When we doubt ourselves, we magnify the discomfort of dealing with family and friends. Being left alone is okay every now and then, but it could be running away from confronting what is truly bothering you. If you were to look into a mirror and deep into your eyes, what would you find? How would you feel?

To help you when the going gets rough, here are some self-acceptance affirmations to support you:

  • I made it.
  • I am full of love and light.
  • I am enough.

Try to see the world with rose-colored lenses and look for a small kindness in each person you come across.

Best of all, have a good time. Focus on the things we enjoy about the holidays. Rekindle relationships with family and remember that they, too, have their issues and hard times. Get to know them again as adults and find out what their dreams and wishes are. Find the common thread. Make it a thread of gold and weave a loving relationship.

At the end of it all, it’s our comfort zone and self-confidence that will tip the balance in our favor. Let’s see ourselves as whole, complete and full of love for ourselves and others. Remember the unkind comments from family members? Give those people a hug. They were merely reflecting a part of their lives, not providing a description of yours.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday time this season.

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Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

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