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What is going on with our energy fields!

So far in 2018, are you…

Feeling tired?
Not sure what to do next?
Want to move somewhere far, far away?
Reassessing your relationships?
Tired all the time?
Have crazy, vibrant energy early morning around 3am?
Find that friends are shifting?

Well, you are not alone. Welcome to the new paradigm of energy transformation.

This has happened before, in the 1920s and again in the 1960s when the way things were done did not work. Creativity and thinking outside the box were the new way of doing things. Not everyone was ready. Unfortunately, the majority were not on board and we slumped into depression, war and setbacks.

Some, however, followed their guidance and intuition and contributed greatly to many fields, such as science, art, humanity, etc.

The age of Aquarius is upon us once again and we are drawn to move in a different direction. Change is the key to such a movement.

Imagine you are a caterpillar and have spun yourself into a cocoon. Do you think you have any clue what the next step is? The last thing you’d probably imagine is that soon you’ll be a beautiful, light and gorgeous butterfly. La, la, la. Not. You are probably gasping for air, frightened, disoriented, wondering what the…? Yup, the butterfly part is not imaginable to you. Your mind cannot even go there. It seems absurd and impossible.

Well, it is possible. Here are nine tips to help you see it, imagine it, live it.

Simplify Food Intake and Detox the Body
As you move through emotional turmoil, the body reacts to it with aches and pains, stiff limbs or shoulders, and achy joints. Flu-like symptoms are common, as are stomach upsets and funny bowels. Allergies on are high alert, causing sneezing and coughing. These are signs to simply detox the physical body.

Gradually try cutting out animal products. I am not a fan of harsh, drastic diet changes. The body is sensitive and likes small changes. One week cut out meat; next week cut out chicken. Then fish, processed food, etc., until you are a vegetarian. Stay on this for a few weeks and see how it feels. Does your body like it?

Cut out toxic beverages gradually. Replace them with healthy drinks. How does your body feel now? Are you sleeping better? Is your energy level better?
Keep experimenting until you find the right balance for your own body type. Take advantage of all the information available on plant protein. Keep soy and its products at a minimum. Find out what works best for you. Take it in small strides.

Yes, take deep breaths. Oxygen is an antioxidant and it purifies our bodies of toxins. Deep breathing releases tension by exercising the diaphragm which gently massages the intestines.
Breathe in joy, and on the exhale release all that does not serve you.

Drink Water
The body likes to be hydrated and water is the easiest beverage to digest. Enjoy it. In the evenings, have a water on the rocks with a slice of lemon. Or a tall drink with carbonated water. Keep detoxing and hydrating the body. You will feel the difference next day.

Take a few weeks to simplify your food and detox. It all takes time. Once you reach your happy balance, make it your lifestyle. Enjoy the new-found way. Own it.

Purify the Mind
Emotions and mental activity are ever so busy in our minds. On top of that we have our work, plans, projects and life to deal with. Make your mind an environment to process things rather than hoard things that don’t serve you. Decluttering the mind is always a good thing.
Meditation helps here. Taking time off from your busy mind activity helps brain cells regenerate and rebuild themselves.

Both the mind and body react to each other. Dealing with both at the same time helps accelerate the calm feeling.

This works for many people. First thing in the morning or last thing at night, take some loose papers and a pen and write down anything that comes to mind. No need for any analysis, just a downpour of emotions and thoughts. Write them down and jot them off your mind, so to speak. Take 20 minutes to do this.

If you are unable to write, just let your pen doodle, hold it, make circles and zigzag shapes. Give your pen the reign. No need to reread what you produced on paper. Just crumble it up and burn it. On a patio or in a fireplace. (Take fire safety precautions and have a jug of water handy in case there are any flyaways.)

Done regularly, this exercise works well. Sometimes, five minutes is all it takes. It is the emotional dumping mechanism that gets regulated and the more you practice, the faster you become at recognizing what is bothering you and getting rid of it.

Declutter Your Environment
This is one of the most effective and energizing exercises to do. It’s always a good idea to get rid of things that do not serve you or that you don’t need. In her books, Marie Kondo introduces the concept of JOY when decluttering. Simply said: if it does not give you joy, don’t keep it around. This is a big subject and can move from the people in our lives to clothes closets, desks, pantries, garage and every room in our lives.
It’s a simple principle but hard to do. What to keep and what to get rid of? Hold the item in your hand. Have you used it in the last 2 years? Are you likely to use it in the next year? Does it bring you joy? Take a photo of it and keep the photos but get rid of the item.

Play music and use incense to give a nice feel as you tackle this task.

Connect to Soul
Meditate and pray. At first it may be hard to do as your mind is jumping all over the place and you find it hard to sit still and just be. At the end of this post, I will recommend some resources for wonderful daily meditations. They are simple and very effective.
The benefits of meditation are many and amazing. Centering is one of the benefits of meditation, and shifts in perspective happen when you meditate. The calmness that ensues and the internal peace is priceless. Nothing will phase you and you can watch the madding crowds move away while maintaining your center.

Ground Your Feet
Allow that moment of bliss to remain with you all day. As you walk on in your daily happenings, be conscious of the soles of your feet. Draw that energy all the way from your crown, through your body and all the way to the bottom of your feet. Anchor.

Build the New You
From the above list, choose what resonates with you. What did you need to modify so it works for you? Embrace your style and what worked and sail with it. Let it become your new you.

Change is the key, and being willing to change is the secret. Your answer is to change the things that didn’t work for you. Perhaps a little change of routine and attitude. Embrace a new outlook, think healthy, imagine yourself in a year from now. What would you feel like? Look like? Start the shifting and put the change thoughts into motion. Take small steps. One foot in front of the other and soon you will be moving in the direction of your new you. Manage your expectations and be kind to yourself. Small accomplishments and big milestones on the journey of life.

A short story: a traveller used a canoe to cross the river, but when she came to the shore, she did not know whether to take the canoe with her or walk on without it. As we evolve, we need to let go of what we used on our journey and know what to let go of.

Life is beautiful and oh the many choices we have!

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