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Have you ever lost your luggage?

I have been traveling all my life and this summer the dreaded “I lost my luggage” happened.

The emotions that poured and escalated and went through many changes of ups and downs left me breathless.

So I fluctuated between:

  • No problem, the airlines will locate it
  • It’s been 24 hrs and no news about my luggage
  • Last time I’m traveling with this airlines
  • What the **** it’s now 48 hrs
  • Seriously, in this day and age of airport security they cannot find my luggage?
  • I buy my 100euros of necessities which does not buy you much if you are in Europe (airline budget)
  • It seems no one at the retreat I’m at wears my size of shoes …
  • Who needs more clothes
  • I’m grateful I have 2 items of everything and water so I can do laundry
  • I am detaching from my belongings
  • I’m letting go
  • A few days more I was saying: What luggage?

and so on the emotional roller coaster went.

I was at a beautiful spot close to the Italian alps and nature was stunning. It did not take long for me to be distracted away from my lost luggage and my needs. I managed without makeup, my toiletries and sunblock, my walking shoes and comfy sweater for the cool nights. Got used to the clothes that did not fit me well and made do with what-ever people shared which was so gracious and generous.

This experience made me realize a few things:

  • I don’t need everything I think I need
  • I can manage with very little -
  • I travel with too much stuff
  • People are kind and giving

So next trip, I’m packing light and rethinking what I need to take with me. I doubt I’ll ever loose my luggage again, I think it was a lesson I needed to learn and address and grateful for the universe for giving me this opportunity.

On the 6th day late before darkness, a shuttle showed up with my luggage. I was leav-ing a few hours later. I looked at the suitcase, opened it and did not need to use any of its’ contents. Wow, that reaction even surprised me. I guess the lesson was well worth it.

Enjoy your travels and go light!

lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

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