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Vacation Stressors to Avoid

When it comes to taking much needed time off, what do you do? Many go on vacation. But when you talk to these folks once their vacation is over, many will say they need a vacation from the vacation.

As time seems to speed up we tend to do the same with our vacation time. We want to get in as much play time as possible, so we tend to go overboard.

  • 5 hour flight to destination
  • Go to the pool to relax
  • Get ready for dinner
  • Get up early to take advantage of the breakfast buffet
  • Take a 3 hour jeep ride across the terrain
  • Stop for lunch
  • Head off to the beach for a bout of snorkeling
  • Head back to the hotel, get cleaned up and head out for dinner
  • Take a 5-hour tour of the city
  • Get back to the hotel and spend a couple of hours by the pool
  • Get cleaned up and head off to another excursion - Head back to the hotel, get cleaned up and head off to the dinner and show.

Sound familiar? Instead of relaxing and taking some much-needed down time we run a marathon to do as much as possible, because we need to make the most of our vacation. But instead of feeling rested and relaxed we come home exhausted.

Vacations should be to rejuvenate and get a chance to turn our on button off for a while. Why not take some time to;

  • Read a good book by the pool and relax
  • Take a nap before you go to dinner
  • Get a massage
  • Schedule a day where you do nothing but relax
  • Walk around the vacation spot and discover the local attractions
  • Turn your phone, laptop…etc off.
  • Detach from work and responsibilities for at least a day. You are on vacation!

By scheduling some real down time, you will enjoy your vacation and feel much more rested when you return home. Remember, it’s stressful enough to travel, take your va-cation time to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Here’s to a relaxing vacation.

Many blessings,

Doris Muna

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