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Have You Ever Experienced an Electrical Charge When Meeting Someone?

You meet someone for the first time, go to shake hands and have an electoral charge that’s absolutely hard to explain.

  • Could it be it’s a dry day and you simply denote it to an electric shock similar to that of rubbing your feet on carpet and then touching an object only to get an electric shock?
  • Is it love at first touch causing a warm sensation once your hands touch?
  • Or maybe it’s a familiarity that you can’t seem to explain, even after going through all the places you may have met only coming up with no answer why this person looks so familiar to you.

There are many times in our lives when we met someone and truly feel we’ve met before or know each other somehow, just not real sure of the how. Why do you think we try so hard to figure out how we feel connected to this person? Could it be we feel so connected that we simply can’t explain away why we feel this way? At times it can be unnerving, or it could be a wonderful feeling of familiarity.

I’m sure you’ve had the same experience at one time or another. You walk into a coffee shop and bump into someone only to find that you are sure you know them, but not quite sure from where. So, you start to go through the process of elimination; Did you go to this high school? Did you grow up here? Did we meet at the meeting last week? Do you know Fred, George or Manny? Maybe our kids go to the same school, but then you find out they don’t have any kids. So, you rack your brain as to how you know this person. They look and feel like a long-lost friend, but why can’t you find the connection?

Believe it or not, the world is a big place and many of us may have lived several lives in the past that we simply can’t recall. We find that there’s a familiarity that we can’t figure out, causing a bit of uncomfortableness, but why does it have to be that way? Why can’t we go with it? Why don’t we accept the fact that we may not know where we’ve met, but we also have an opportunity to keep the conversation going or simply laugh it off and say our goodbyes?

It can drive you crazy trying to figure it out, but here’s a thought. Instead of trying so hard to find out the why, maybe you can simply start anew. Introduce yourself and laugh at the fact that you just feel like you’ve meet before. Who knows, it may be the beginning of a great friendship.

Much blessings,

Doris Muna

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