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Are You A Tactile, Audio or Visual Learner?

When it comes to people the one thing we know is that we all have different ways of digesting information. However, many of us don’t realize what type of learners we are until we understand the different types of learning modalities. Some could say there are doers, while others may say they do better with visuals, and others may say they need to hear it first before they capture the information . What many of us don’t realize is that we are combination learners. Let me explain by giving you the different modalities and then you can see for yourself how you best digest information.

The Tactile Learner – This person needs to be taken through the task step-by-step in order to grasp the concept. For example: You’ve been told that on Monday the company will all be learning a new system. You may be the one who sits down and says, “Take me through each step and let me do it myself so that I can learn it.” This would be the tactile learner.

The Audio Learner – Simply put, this type of learner needs to hear it. This person may say, “Just give me some headsets and let me hear how it’s done.” Once they finish their recording they are all set to put the new system into practice.

The Visual Learner – Is someone who needs to see it once or maybe a few times before the information is assimilated. This is how many of us learn by seeing it done. Imagine a big white board where the instructor proceeds to draw out how the system works in detailed drawings or sketches.

In reality, many of us are a combination of tactile/visual or audio/visual or audio/tactile. However, in order to really digest the information , we really need to understand our learning style allowing us to learn it well the first time.

In many schools we tend to teach in only one way losing many of the remaining students, thus much of the reason many students find school frustrating. Think of how many kids would learn if we used the following learning system where they where shown the how, able to listen to the how, and actually given the ability to do it as well. But with crowded schools and budget constraints how do we accomplish this?

I believe once we find the best learning modality for ourselves and our kids we can better prepare them for the work. This is also true in business. Thus, the reason for all the various ways of learning these days: in a classroom, online or with online audio. Once we figure out the best learning environment only the sky is the limit.

So, which learner are you, and will you begin to look at the way you decipher information in a whole new light?

Here’s to your learning success in whatever endeavor you decide to take on.

Much blessings,

Doris Muna

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