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How the Rain Can Wash Away Your Troubles

Have you looked out the window to find a spring shower has begun? For many the rain may bring strife as they think about driving on the wet streets, how traffic may be worse, or how your newly washed car was dirty again . There’s another way of looking at these spring showers.

  • Much needed water to quench the thirst of many plants allowing them to bloom into their full colors.
  • Washing away the dirt and grim built up over days of wear and tear on streets, sidewalks and driveways.
  • A much-needed bath for many birds and animals alike.
  • The opportunity to slow down and take time to enjoy the ride home.
  • The smell of freshness and nature

I believe my favorite part of the rain is the image of all the grunge and dirt washing away from your day allowing your mind a fresh new start.

For some the rain is a nuisance, but for many it can be a welcome relief from a dry area in need of a good shower.

In California, we relish the rain these days as they seem to be farther and farther apart leaving dry, parched hills and mountains in need of a much-needed respite. With the rain brings opportunity for new life and clean skies once the clouds part and the rain stops.

We can use the rain as an excuse to grip and moan or we can relish in all that it brings. In many ways, it brings new beginnings for dried up lakes, new plant life for thirsty soil, and a clean slate for a small part of the world as the rain washes away troubles and negative thoughts. By looking at the rain as new beginnings we allow ourselves new thoughts of prosperity and positivity. However, only if we allow ourselves to indulge in the good rain brings.

So, the next time a spring shower springs up, relish the moment and how the skies opening up allows life to flourish and bloom including your mind.

Much blessings,

Doris Muna

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