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How are you filling your bucket?

Using a metaphor regarding your bucket of life. How do you fill it?

  • Is it filled with people who care and help you build your self-esteem
  • Is it filled with those who tear you down?
  • Is it filled with life lessons that have given you strength
  • Is it filled lessons that have broken you?
  • Is there space to fill it up with what you want?
We all have choices in our lives, but how we make or react to these choices is how we fill our bucket. Our bucket can be filled with sorrow and hurt or joy and love. It’s really up to us to make that decision. How we allow things to affect our life will determine whether our bucket is filled with things that will continue to serve us in the best possible way. We own that bucket.

I realize that for many you may be shaking your head with doubt based on what reality is for you. But think about this, when life throws you a curve ball how are you handling it?
  • Are you catching it in your mitt of life and taking charge of the situation or are you allowing it to take charge of you and your feelings?
Life is filled with curve balls along the way, what’s important is how you manage the challenge put in front of you. No one can condone how it will affect you, only you can. Just as no one can feel what you feel, only you can. We can certainly empathize or work to understand your feelings or thought process, but you alone are the one who can choose what your bucket will have.

Here’s a thought, next time life throws you that curve ball imagine you’re up at bat and ready to hit it out of the stadium. It may hit you on impact or the catcher may catch it as the empire yells strike. Or you hit a home run and fill your bucket to the brim with another score for your team, for yourself. Your life team is made up of many lessons allowing you to fill your bucket to the brim.

As we approach the end of 2017, take stock of your bucket and what you have filled it with. All you have to do is decide how you plan to react to each drop in the bucket.


Doris Muna

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