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Taking the time to care

Have you heard the saying; “The holidays seem to really bring the best out in many and they seem more caring.” We all have a big heart and giving and caring is something we are born with. Yet our life routines and challenges mount up and we tend to put that giving and caring heart on the back burner and maybe a little omission.

So why is it we can’t be this way every day, even well after the holiday seasons? What causes us to forget this part of us that is so caring and giving?

  • Could it be that we get back into a routine that we’ve been practicing for so long it’s too hard to break the cycle?
  • Could it be that we tend to forget about the holidays as life continues well after the last Christmas tree has been taken down?
  • Or that we are simply focus elsewhere?

No matter the reason, we tend to make promises to ourselves and loved ones that we will keep intouch, must do this more often, bonding on all levels with nephews and neices that grow up so fast. We become mindful that we will care more, show more compassion or be more giving of our time yet it doesn’t always seem to happen. How can we keep our promises when life continues, and our routines once again become ever so consuming?

Imagine if you made a commitment to yourself and the universe that you will:

  • Show more compassion for your fellow beings.
  • Give and help out, even if they may not say thank you.
  • Take the time to spend more quality time with friends and family you’ve lost touch with. Rekindle those fond memories
  • Give to causes all year long that make a change in the world and mean a lot to you.
  • Establish a legacy of love and kindness

The fact is we can. All we have to do is change our daily habit or routine to include these things. We take tiny steps towards big changes. We do a little bit each day until it becomes sewn within our daily routine. We can all do it, we simply have to decide to take action bit by bit.

They say any habit takes 60 days to become a true habit, giving us 60 days from now and to tomorrow and the next day, and so on, to take those steps towards incorporating these changes into our lives.

Life is a journey of spreading the light and love. It is about giving and sharing. And may the good Karma that you generate follow you always!


Doris Muna

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