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Do you know how to follow your intuition?

When someone tells you to follow your gut when it comes to a situation, how do you know if what you feel is a gut feeling or simply fear? Many of us have put this ability off to the side and haven’t used it for quite some time, however, you may be using your instincts without knowing it.

Before we evolved as humans, we had no signs to tell us when danger was approaching we simply had to go with our instincts. Simply put, if danger was approaching the hair on our arms and neck would stand up telling us to run. However, today we rely on signs telling us when its’ time to cross the street safely, we rely on others to tell us when to buy that stock or not, or we rely on our loved ones to tell us what to or not do in many situations. But when you use your true instincts you make better decisions on how to handle any given situation, be it to run from danger or not sign the contract because something feels off.

We can’t always explain these feelings, but deep down inside we know whether to move forward or not dependent upon the circumstances. When we lose track of our instinctual selves we tend to rely on others to help us, which in some cases can work out well but in many cases not so much. By getting in touch with our inside voice and gut feelings we become more in tuned with our instinctual self.

  • We make better decisions
  • We avoid danger
  • We keep bad circumstances at bay

Think about if for a moment. When someone asks you to do something that deep down inside you know is wrong, how does it make you feel? Does it feel good to move forward? Or do you have a feeling of impending doom? hesitation? This is when peer pressure comes into our lives during our young years of school. We know that it’s wrong, but when we are pressured by our peers to do it, at times give in to the moment and then deal with the feelings of guilt later.

In life there are many moments that can’t be redone. Once the action has taken place the consequences then ensue that can determine how the rest of your life will follow. It’s up to us to become in tune with our instincts and gut feelings in order to make the best decisions for ourselves, not based on others.

One technique we teach is activating our hands to be used as radars to help us feel a situation and make a more informed decision. This simple tool activates our energy field and gets our own internal radar awake and ready. Form more information

Before you sign a contract, take on a new project, or get involved in a task how does it feel?

  • Does it feel like the right move?
  • Does it feel like a winning moment?
  • Does it feel like a great venture?

If you can answer yes to these honestly based on your gut feeling, not what others are telling you, then most likely it’s a good move for you. We all have this ability all we have to do is listen and pay attention to our instinctual selves.

Many blessings,

Doris Muna

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