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What Happens When You Look Up?

What do you see when you look up into the sky?

  • Clouds
  • Varying hues of blue
  • The bright light of the sun
  • Birds

Depending upon the time of the season the sky can take on different textures, colors and intensity. Also time of day can give various color hues and shades. However, besides the obvious things we see in the sky, there is also another view to ponder; possibilities. Think about all the possibilities the sky represents. Even though at times it can have the sense of being bound if a storm is on the horizon, it can also be an infinite space of possibilities.

The sky has:

  • No limits
  • No bars to hold you back
  • No judgement
  • Ever Changing

It simply exists. Strong, bold, and ever changing. Although you may encounter these storms, it’s usually for a short time and then they disappear . As with life, there are storms on the horizon, but with the realm of possibilities, any storm is short lived if put in perspective of time. We sometimes need strength to overcome the storm, whether physical strength to shelter from the elements of nature, or emotional to overcome the fears and other emotional turmoil we go through to overcome our challenges. We all have this strength within us, all we have to do is allow it to surface knowing full well we will experience calm after the storm, and come out of it a little shaken but definitely stronger.

We can all weather any changes or storm based on our mindset and resolve. Next time you face a storm, or major changes, observe it as surmountable and put in a time frame, hang up in the sky, and smile as it will be over very soon.

Lots of Blessing

Doris Muna

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