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Break free of Emotional Ties

Friends and family can either be the stronghold or the downfall of your mental state.

Many times, we tend to take on others mental fatigue, hurt, and frustration even though our original state of mind was in a good place. For example: You’ve just received news that you got employee of the month and received a $100 check. You come home absolutely elated and ready to share the good news. As you hum away while winding down from your exciting day, your significant other walks in with a foul mood. Their day has not gone as well as yours and they want someone to sympathize with their strife. So, your good news gets met with a stale, “Great. I just had the worst day ever……” and the spewing begins. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? So, what to do?

Here are a couple of tips to help salvage your day and break free from theirs:

  • Sympathize up front and then go for a walk to help you break the emotions and gather your good news back into your mental state.
  • Tell them you would love to hear them share however, you need to take some time to do a quick task. Then find a quiet place in the house and meditate to give you time to gather your thoughts and gain strength to deal with the onslaught of negativity. Most of the time, this will give the other person a chance to cool off and cool down for a much better interaction.
  • Take some deep breaths and ask if you can counter the discussion until after dinner. Once again, detach and go deep into your happy day events. Cherish those moments. they are yours and nothing can take it away.
Whatever plan of action you decide to partake in, remember that their negativity is simply that, theirs. Try not to take what is said personally because it’s not your fault their day went badly nor is it up to you to fix it. Simply by bending an ear is what most want. Listen, give them your support, and move on. Then at dinner spring your great news for the whole family to enjoy.

Doris Muna

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