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What’s Your Why?

Remember how curious you where as a child? It seemed that every sentence started off with, why?

  • Why is the sky blue mommy?
  • Why is the grass green daddy?
  • Why do birds fly?
  • Why do cars honk their horn?
  • Why do they call it mail?

As we grow older our why’s become much bigger:

  • Why am here and what is my life’s purpose?
  • Why am fearing the future?
  • Why do I continue to propagate my bad behaviors?
  • Why do I allow my old beliefs to hold me back?
  • Why do I procrastinate?

Much of our why’s can be tracked to old patterns that have held us captive to doing things in a certain way and thinking in a certain way. New fears make us react and move in a certain direction that can only cause more harm than help. Move beyond your patterns and fears and overcome the reasons they take a grip on you. Answer your why’s and move forward in a direction of personal growth and abundance.

We are in the season of spring which brings new birth of many aspects. As the flowers blossom, let your soul do the same. Each day brings new beliefs and new growth that we can either accept or reject. But only we are truly in charge of our own journey and happiness.

Here’s to your health and wealth - Doris Muna


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