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New Year Resolutions: Do's and Don'ts

It has become the standing joke
lists of “will” do resolutions
every good intention of keeping them

three days later:

I forgot

I’ll start again tomorrow

I’ll start again next Monday
Why did I ever pick those resolutions in the first place?

A week later:
What was I thinking?
Life is great without them
Who cares!
I’m suffering alone!!!

and the pattern goes on. So what makes a good resolution stick and how do we maximize our success? Here are some true and tried advise from many we’ve asked:

Do pick ONE resolution. It is easier to focus on one than many

Do NOT make a list while drinking or late at night when exhausted. Your perception may be compromised.

Do narrow down your priority to the most urgently needed one. Which will be most beneficial for you.

Do NOT think this will happen without some effort and determination.

Do be realistic with choosing a resolution and what resistance may come up. Be aware and be prepared.

Do NOT ask your partner to join you; This is your journey.

Remember this resolution was picked by you as you saw the need to make an adjustment in a habit that was negatively impacting your health or life. You have customized it to suit your own specific needs

You can always choose another resolution in 4 months’ time and tackle another challenge.

Analyze the resistance that comes up and accept this is self sabotage and deal with consequences.

Is this sounding too difficult for you?

It can be, only if you allow it to be difficult.

Change is moving out of your comfort and habit zone. it can be done.

Adopt an attitude of

I CAN change

I WILL change


Happy New Year Everyone!
May 2017 be filled with Great Health, Prosperity and Abundance. Enjoy!

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