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An Attitude of Gratitude

Each aspect of our life sends out various energies which, much like an arrow being released by a bow, work to propel us into our future endeavors. To name a few, we each have private and public energies, emotional energies from our past and present, the energy which is formed as a result of past actions, the energy of our future, and energy that manifests from our dreams, aspirations and the unknown. These energies work together to shape and create us, and as we foster our different energies, we move forward on our path. One energy in particular can influence the outcome of our future, the energy of gratitude.

When you look at people around you, you will witness those who are happy and content as well as those who are perpetual complainers, never satisfied. You could take two people with nearly identical means and lifestyle, yet find two polar opposite outlooks on the world. How is this so? Gratitude is the difference in their attitude; With Gratitude we learn to appreciate and find bliss in what is already present.

Can you teach Gratitude or is it innate? We all have the seed of gratitude planted within us, we just need to water it with practice and it will grow! Certainly an inborn trait exhibits itself with ease and Grace in our daily life. However, we can learn how to practice gratitude easily by making it a part of our daily routine, just like eating healthy and physical exercise. Before long it becomes part of our life and will change our path for the better and in ways often unexpected.

Here is an approach I share with my clients and friends and recommend to do daily:

Get a small notebook and write three things you are grateful for. You do not need to think too hard, use whatever comes to mind. The next day and each day thereafter, repeat and write three things you are grateful for. Each day can be the same or different, just think of whatever you happen to be grateful for that day and what catches your attention.

Keep up with daily gratitude entries for a couple of months and notice how you start to shift to a happier state of mind. You may notice how your worry and anxiety wane and you begin to see a rosier picture of your life and all that happens around you.

Being filled with the energy of gratitude is a wonderful feeling. Practice daily and see how your life unfolds with ease and Grace.

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