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    “Life is like a garden, and we want to experience all the blossoms at different periods of our journey. As all the variety unfolds and is nurtured in the light, even the thorny cactus has its beauty, grace and purpose when you gain perspective. That’s what our essences do.”

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    My passion and calling is to share my gifts of alternative health and healing with individuals who are suffering or in a life transition. I also teach fellow healers my methods so that more people can benefit from the practices I know.

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Full Moon Meditation

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We invite you to take part in this guided, one-hour meditation. Regardless of whether meditation is new to you or if you are an experienced practitioner, all are welcome.

Next events: November Full Moon

Date: Wed, November 21 2018 2:00 pm

Location: Sun Kissed Yoga, 2237 Ventura Blvd., Camarillo CA

Please note that pre-registration is required to attend!


Upcoming Events

Gain energy and relief from pain by learning new healing techniques for yourself and your clients.

November Full Moon
Wed, Nov 21 2018 2:00 pm
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December Full Moon
Thu, Dec 20 2018 2:00 pm
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Doris Muna, Author

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Breast Cancer Awareness month October 2015

Pink ribbons, walks for the cure, and awareness campaigns occur all over the country throughout the year, however October is the official month of Breast Cancer awareness.

It is the biggest shock, sitting in the doctor’s office, after taking a biopsy and hearing, “Unfortunately…” They don’t need to finish the sentence. One just knows. The night before was a blur of the mental scenarios, and they were sure they would be spared. But it seems not.

Those with whom I’ve spoken about this moment in the doctor’s office do not remember what they were wearing because people do remember those words but they don't remember what was said afterwards...and sometimes even what was said after, “Unfortunately, you have cancer…” Nothing matters. Life stands still. Until they crash down with the utter disbelief and question, “Why me?” Then anger and fear creep up together to play havoc with their emotions.

A very close relative of mine went through this, and I wish I could have taken her pain away or eased it. I could not stop crying. Why such a young person? It’s not a fair system! Is there a system, and some are chosen and some are not?

The breast cancer “epidemic,” as I call it, is taking a big hold on our societies. Not just breast cancer, but all types of cancer. I shall refer to this as “C” from now on, not wanting to write or even have it on my computer. Go away.

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Mercury Retrograde: Friend or Foe


Image Credit: NASA / JHU Applied Physics Lab / Carnegie Inst. Washington

The Dreaded Mercury Retrograde

Do the words: chaos, or upside down and backwards, everything went wrong,  you would not believe what happened…etc.  Does it coincide when mercury is in retrograde?

“According to legend and to Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of trade, commerce, merchants, thieves and travelers. He was the messenger of the gods. He is often represented wearing winged sandals and holding a staff with two snakes around it. He escorted the dead souls to the underworld and afterlife known as Pluto's realm.” Wikipidia

I feel the mercury retrograde has had a bad rap and truly could not be totally responsible for our communications or lack of it!

That is actually true of most cases. So let us look at some aspects of this planet and description before we make a judgment

In the planets the mercury planet is going retrograde or backwards is an illusion. The planets slow down their forward movement and that gives the illusion of it stopping or going backwards. It creates a lot of energy of confusion and obstacles seem to be magnified.
Obstacles of communication seem to be affected the most. Computers, contracts, communication... etc. Is it the fault of Mercury? Really?

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